How to Change Your Calorie Goal on the iPhone – 2023 Guide

Calorie Goal

To make the most of this app’s feature, keep reading to learn how to change your calorie goal on iPhone and Apple watch activity app.

Quick Answer

You have three daily requirements for the Apple Watch. The goals cannot be modified using an iPhone. Instead, you can modify your calorie target right from the Activity App on your Apple Watch. Swipe down and tap the “Change Goals” option. Change the move (calorie) goal, exercise goal, and stand goal, then tap “Confirm” to update the changes.

You can easily keep track of the calories you burn each day with the help of the Apple Watch Activity app. It helps you burn off extra calories by automatically moving goals each week. You will feel proud once you achieve the target, but some users find it challenging to maintain the pace set by the app.

From one week to the next, the desired calorie intake may occasionally double. If you follow a strict diet and exercise routine, this is additional motivation. For everyone, though, it may not be possible. Overly ambitious goals could have the opposite effect and make you stop using the app altogether.

We will go over how to modify the calorie target on your Apple Watch. We’ll also go over how to modify the other two goals on your Apple Watch and how to determine whether the OS version of your watch has the features required to modify Activity goals.s.

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Apple Watch’s Activity Goals

The move goal, the exercise goal, and the stand goal are the three activity or fitness goals available on your Apple Watch. Your daily active calorie goal is what you should aim for. It does not factor in the calories burned while resting or sleeping. To accomplish this, you must move about.

Engaging in brisk daily activities for at least 30 minutes will allow you to reach your daily exercise goal. The Apple Watch has sensors that track your heart rate and movement to see if you’ve been doing any brisk activity. Slow walks do not count as exercise. Usually, if you work out for 30 minutes or more, you can reach your fitness goals.

You must stand and move around for at least one minute throughout 12 different times of the day in order to reach your stand goal.

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How to Change Your Activity Goals on iPhone

Your fitness and health goals are there to support you in achieving them. In the event of a personal illness, a physical injury, or any other valid reason that prevents you from achieving your daily fitness goals, you may need to adjust your daily activity goals.

You can use the Fitness App on your iPhone to get specific information about your fitness objectives, but it does not have the capability to modify them. To change your move, exercise, and stand goals, you must use your Apple Watch.

Calorie Goal

Change your activity goals by following the steps below.

  1. Open the Activity App on your The Activity App on the Apple Watch has three rings.
  2. Swipe up and tap “Change Goals.” The Move goal is shown. The daily calorie goal is set here.
  3. Tap the plus sign to increase the number of calories or the minus sign to decrease it.
  4. Once you’ve set it to the required number of calories, tap “Next.” You reach the Exercise objective as a result.
  5. Tap the plus sign to increase the number of minutes for your daily exercise goal or the minus sign to decrease it.
  6. Tap “Next.” You reach the Stand goal after using it.
  7. Tap the plus sign to increase the number of hours for your stand goal or the minus sign to decrease it.
  8. Tap “OK” to update all changes.

Track Your Achievements

You can preview your accomplishments and determine how close you are to the objective in the Activity app. Both your iWatch and iPhone have access to this feature. You can view your monthly progress on the iPhone app, making it slightly superior. Here’s how you access the stats:


Swipe down with your finger or the iWatch crown after tapping to open the Activity app. Your advancement in each activity is displayed in the windows. The percentage, calories, or – in the case of the Exercise and Stand goals – the minutes and hours, can all be seen. The menus also show the busiest times for activity, which are color-coded as follows: red for moving, green for exercising, and blue for standing.

On Mondays, weekly summaries are also available on the iWatch. This feature allows you to quickly see how far you’ve traveled over the past week. To use it, simply tap, press, and tap. Launch the Activity app, tap the screen to access the menu, and then click Weekly Summary.


As previously stated, you can view a full month’s worth of development on your iPhone. Simply launch the Activity app, then choose History from the window’s lower left side. Tap on a date in the calendar to learn more about that day. A tiny green dot appears next to it on any given day if you worked out that day.

In light of this, the Workouts tab also offers you additional statistics regarding your exercise regimen. These statistics change depending on your routine. For instance, the route will be shown if you run, hike, bike, or swim in open water.

Notification and Reminders

On a busy day, it can be difficult to remember to stand up. You will be reminded to stand up every hour by the Activity app. Additionally, it alerts you when you lag behind on a goal.

Select My Watch in the Apple Watch app, then click Activity. A few different reminder and notification types are available for setting. If you sit for more than 50 minutes, Stand Reminders will notify you. You can accomplish the activity goals and challenges with the help of daily coaching. When you achieve a goal, Goal Completions reward your efforts.

Viewing Awards and Sharing

Your motivation will soar after taking a quick look at your most recent Activity app awards. To access the Awards tab on your iPhone, tap the Activity app and choose the star icon at the bottom. You can now click on any of the Award symbols to find out what it stands for. Awards that you have already received are in color, while those that you have yet to receive are in black and grey.

You can feel proud of yourself if you achieve and surpass your goals. You can share the image on social media after saving it in the iPhone’s Activity app. Take the following path to do it:

Activity App > History > Select a Day > Share button > Save Image

Which Version of Apple Watch Can Change Your Activity Goals?

All versions of the Apple Watch can change the move goal. You can always set your daily calorie goal in accordance with your preferences, regardless of how dated your Apple Watch is.

You can only change the stand and exercise goals on Apple WatchOS 7 or a higher OS version. To change the other activity goals, upgrade your Apple Watch to at least Watch OS 7 if you’re using an older model.

If you have an Apple Watch series 1 or 2, your device lacks the hardware requirements to receive the WatchOS 7 update.

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What Can You Do on Your IPhone’s Fitness App?

If the fitness app on your iPhone can’t do something as basic as change your move, exercise, and stand goals, you might start to doubt its usefulness. However, even though you can only alter your activity goals on your Apple Watch, there are still a lot of other things you can do in the fitness app on your iPhone.

For starters, you can get a detailed compilation of your entire fitness history on your iPhone. You’ll receive thorough data regarding your workout days, overall steps, distance traveled, overall calories burned, past workouts, etc. You can also set activity reminders on your iPhone. The fitness notifications that you want to receive on your Apple Watch can be selected here.

Summary: Change Your Calorie Goal on the iPhone

Fitness is a vital component of our lives because it helps us develop and maintain our physical appearance as well as our overall health and well-being. You are less likely to develop chronic diseases when you are fit. Apple has made technology available to us so that we can use the Fitness and Health apps on the Apple Watch and iPhone to maintain our fitness as a substitute for hiring a personal fitness trainer.

You probably sit down for the majority of your workday each week. This is detrimental to your health, and things get worse if you don’t exercise frequently.

In all honesty, it can be difficult to muster the motivation to move around. However, a buzz from your iWatch might be enough to make you get up and walk around the office a little. You might become obsessed and begin vying for Activity app awards.

Just keep in mind to adjust the calorie goal to suit your needs. You’ll be less likely to abandon your fantastic new habits when the app is tailored to your needs.


Can You Change Your Step Goal on iPhone?

To access your settings, tap the gear symbol. Tap your Daily Step Goal, then tap Other Settings. Tap Save after entering a new number.

How Do I Edit My Activity Goals on iPhone?

Adjust your Move Goals
To navigate to the bottom of the screen, swipe or press the Crown. Change the Move Goal to your preferred setting by tapping Change Move Goal. Tap Update.

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