Hempvana Straight 8 Review 2022 – Is It Great

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Hempvana Straight 8 is a garment for adults of all ages that has been created to prevent slouching and thereby lessen pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. Each piece of clothing has over-the-shoulder straps and an eight-shaped piece of fabric that is intended to cross the upper back. It is claimed that because of this shape, the garment will be able to target eight distinct support points in the neck, shoulders, and back, and that this targeted support will help you adopt a better postural position.

Hempvana Straight 8 costs $19.99, plus shipping is $7.99, for a total cost of $27.98.

What is Hempvana Straight Eight [8]?

According to the official Hempvana Straight 8 review on BuyStraightEight.com, this product helps you stand tall, open up your shoulders, and align your spine. The manufacturer of Hempvana Straight 8 claims that wearing the belt lessens any pain you might experience as a result of slouching. Hempvana Straight 8 supposedly has eight support points [hence the name “Straight 8”] that cover your lower back, mid back, neck and shoulders. These eight points cooperate for proper alignment, according to the official review of the Hempvana Straight 8. Slouching is not preferred, and it is frequently connected to insecurity. It can be detrimental to slouch.

According to the Hempvana Straight Eight, using the posture-correcting tool will help you develop the muscle memory necessary to stand up straight. The posture correcting tool claims to be comfortable and features moisture wicking HEMP fibers. Since the Hempvana Straight 8 device dries quickly, you can wear it all day and go about your daily activities while wearing it. Wearing it is permitted while working, driving, using computers, etc.


Wearers of all sizes can wear the Hempvana Straight Eight because it is adjustable. The Hempvana Straight Eight’s manufacturer claims that it can be worn under clothing and is undetectable.

How Does Hempvana Straight 8 Work?

These days, a lot of people spend hours hunched over a computer or smartphone, which can lead to pain or tension in the back, neck, and shoulders. Your Hempvana Straight 8 will assist you in reversing your slouch, though, by encouraging you to stand tall, hold your shoulders wide, and draw in your stomach. You should notice at least a slight improvement in how you look and feel within seconds of putting this garment on as it starts to gently pull your upper body into an ideal postural position. Eventually, without the garment, your muscles will recall how to pull your body into the ideal position.

3. Hempvana Straight 8 Review2

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Slide Straps Over Shoulders You must slide the garment’s straps over your shoulders after ensuring that the eight-shaped portion of the garment is flat against your upper back and has the Hempvana logo on the side that is visible from the outside. As you would when putting on a backpack, simply slide one strap over each shoulder.
  2. Adjust Straps (optional) Push the green tabs on the straps up or down to adjust them if you feel like the straps are too tight or too loose around your shoulders. Although you should be able to easily fit a hand underneath the straps, they shouldn’t be so loose that you can only fit one finger. They must fit snugly; otherwise, the garment won’t be able to gently correct your posture as intended.
  3. Go About Daily Activities You can perform almost any activity while wearing your Hempvana Straight 8 garment, including sedentary computer work and strenuous physical activity, so long as you won’t be in the water. It is perfectly acceptable to wear clothing over this item, and because it is so sleek, most shirts will fit comfortably on top of it.
  4. Remove Garment When you’re prepared to take this garment off, slide the straps off your shoulders (you might need to loosen them first to do this comfortably) and store the item in a cool, dry place.

Hempvana Straight 8 Features

  • One Size Fits Most One size of the Hempvana Straight 8 will fit almost any adult, from a tall, lanky person to a tiny, petite one, thanks to the adjustable straps. As a result, you might want to lend your clothing to family members or friends who also struggle with bad posture and back, neck, or shoulder pain. Teenagers who are already adult-sized (or nearly so) should be able to use this garment in the same manner as adults do, even though it shouldn’t be worn by smaller children.
  • Moisture-Wicking You can wear yours for hours without getting overly sweaty because each of these clothes is made with moisture-wicking hemp fibers. If you’re wearing the garment while engaging in physical activity, such as playing sports or working out, these moisture-wicking fibers may be especially helpful. Additionally, since they are present, you probably won’t need to wash the garment as frequently as you would if it were devoid of moisture-wicking components.
  • Lightweight and Discreet You won’t feel as though you’re wearing a heavy back brace while wearing the Hempvana Straight 8 because it is lightweight. In fact, because of how light it is, you might not even notice you are wearing it while taking part in an interesting activity. Additionally, because of how slim and fashionable it is, you can conceal it under a loose top if you don’t want other people, like rival athletes, to see you wearing it.

Hempvana Straight Eight Reviews

Hempvana Straight Eight has received varying levels of praise.

Hempvana Straight Eight Review 1 – No Lower Back Support

“Only the neck, shoulders, and upper back are supported by it. False advertising by the manufacturer suggests that the Hempvana Straight Eight also supports the lower back.”

Hempvana Straight Eight Review 2 – Does Help With the Posture

According to user reviews, the Hempvana Straight Eight does aid in posture correction. “The Hempvana Straight Eight makes you walk more steadily. However, the strap is uncomfortable to wear and cannot be worn continuously. According to one user, there is a lot of material touching your body when using the Hempvana Straight Eight. A metal strip that keeps the Hempvana Straight Eight brace upright is visible in the middle of the device.” “You can wear a tee shirt over the Hempvana Straight Eight while walking” – the user review mentions. The absence of sizes, however, is a significant drawback.

Hempvana Straight Eight Review 3 – Not Much Support

As the manufacturer claims, the Hempvana Straight Eight does not provide much support. The shape of the body has a significant impact. The Hempvana Straight Eight is okay for an average body, a bigger body will definitely find it the posture brace uncomfortable since it is “one size fits all”. But the Hempvana Straight Eight tends to move upward if you have too much belly fat. Skinny people find the Hempvana Straight Eight too small in the underarm and shoulder regions.

“I am 5′ 8″, weigh 180 lbs and my shoulders still slouch after wearing the Hempvana Straight Eight”

Hempvana Straight Eight Review 4 – Does Not Relieve Pain

The Hempvana Straight Eight helps with posture improvement but not much with pain. Nearly all users who tried the Hempvana Straight Eight complain that the pain’s intensity remained constant. is more comfortable than posture braces with a waist strap, though.

Hempvana Straight Eight Review 5 – Wide Straps

The Hempvana Straight Eight has wide straps, and after about an hour, they start to roll up. This is a problem because you have to adjust the straps frequently, especially if you are exercising. The Hempvana Straight Eight is only available in one standard size, which is the biggest complaint.

Hempvana Straight Eight Review 6 – Strap Pierces

Hempvana Straight Eight piercing under the arm has drawn some criticism, especially from those who are bulky in build. It doesn’t make you feel very comfortable, but it serves as a reminder to keep your shoulders back. If worn for an extended period of time, the Hempvana Straight Eight brace may cause discomfort. Any posture brace that is similar to the Hempvana Straight Eight would also cause pain, especially if it is a tight fit.

“I am 5′ 9″, weigh 195 lbs The Hempvana Straight Eight causes suffocation”

“Your range of motion is limited by the Hempvana Straight Eight straps under the arms, which are very thick.”

“As stated in the Hempvana Straight Eight advertisement, you cannot wear it constantly. In front of the shoulder and under the arms, the brace is uncomfortable.”

One user of Hempvana Straight Eight bemoans the need for space to breathe due to his Asthma. His review claims that the Hempvana Straight Eight’s design is not appropriate for anyone who has breathing issues. The issue is that the bands that surround your chest area put significant pressure on that area, making breathing challenging for someone with asthma.

Our Verdict

Given its lack of sizes, we do not suggest the Hempvana Straight Eight. There are a number of posture-correcting braces on the market besides Hempvana Straight Eight. And there is nothing to the “8” shape design of the brace. Comparatively speaking to the other braces, the shape is bulky.

Russell Franklin

Russell Franklin