How To Ask A Guy For Money Through Text? 8 Useful Tips.

Also covered in this article are the various effective methods you should take into consideration for texting your boyfriend to ask for money. You can also find some excellent examples there. Let’s dive into it!

Especially when your relationship is just beginning to blossom, asking your partner for financial assistance may seem difficult. try not to overthink it, everyone requires assistance or additional funds from time to time.

It is acceptable to occasionally ask your boyfriend for financial help if you are a woman in a relationship because he should be one of the people you can turn to in a crisis.

Rather not ask him directly? then that’s fine. read on to learn how to ask him via text!

Even if they don’t say it, men like it when their partners ask them for acceptable things. It makes them feel like a provider. There is no universal solution to this problem because every guy is unique. Some people might misunderstand what you’re asking for, while others might be extraordinarily helpful or patient.

Since every man is different, there isn’t a universal response to this question when asking for money. While some people might be extraordinarily accommodating or understanding, others might misinterpret your request for something else.

You need to know how to ask and when to ask for money from your boyfriend before you text him. To increase your chances of getting paid, you must time the request properly because you can’t pop it every time.

Learn the best ways to text your boyfriend for money without coming across as desperate, needy, or a gold digger by taking into account all of the aforementioned factors.

When a girlfriend asks her boyfriend for money via text, she should first consider these two crucial factors. They are as follows:

  1. Location & Time
  2. Mood

It depends on the situation whether it’s a good idea to text your boyfriend for money. The response you get to your question depends on the day’s events and mood.

So, if you inquire during one of those unfavorable times, you almost certainly will hear a big, fat NO.

So, when is the ideal time to text your partner and request money? These are some of the best situations and times to text your boyfriend for money.

Read on for some helpful advice if you want to know more about texting for a donation.

The Ideal Time To Ask Your Boyfriend For Money Is When?

1. Beginning Of Each Month

Everyone who works gets paid at the end of each month, it is a well-known fact. Given that he just got paid for the month, this is the ideal time to text your boyfriend for money.

If you ask him a few days in advance, he will factor your request into his monthly budget.

You can enquire at any time if your boyfriend has a large monthly income.

2. When Your Boyfriend Is Visibly Happy

One of the first people to be aware of your boyfriend’s happiness would be you, his girlfriend. He shows you more affection, smiles more frequently, and is happy all day long.

3. Before & After Sex

If you and your boyfriend are sexually active, you wait until you are about to engage in sexual activity. Your boyfriend will most likely say yes during this time because he knows he’s either about to have the time of his life or already has.

4. After Helping Or Surprising Him With Something He Loves

For instance, now is the perfect time to surprise your guy if he likes video games or lego. Spend as little as you can; there’s no use spending $1,000 on a gift and then asking for $200 from the recipient.

He would be ecstatic if you gave him a funny card, made a joke about him, or treated him to the best sex of his life.

You can also help him with his work, watch sports with him if that’s what he likes to do, help him with his laundry and dishes, or do anything else you’d like to do for him. His gratitude and sense of debt toward you will grow as a result of your assistance. This is the ideal time to act!

5. When You Need It

All of us eventually run out of money, whether it’s due to an unanticipated expense or a genuine desire to purchase a desirable item. As long as you know he has it and you two are in a healthy relationship, you are free to text your boyfriend at any time and ask for money.

Now that you are aware of the appropriate moment to ask, let’s move on to texting your boyfriend to request money.

ask a guy for money

The Best Format To Use When Asking Your Boyfriend For Money Through Text

Here is one of the best formats all girlfriends should use:

1. Open Up With A Greeting

If you want the rest of the phrase to flow easily, make sure you start with something that will. A simple “hello” or “hi” would work.

If you and your lover have a habit of calling each other pet names, ‘babe,” darling” or “sweetheart” can work. The phrase “Hey Babe” serves as an illustration.

2. State The Problem And How It Is Affecting You

Is the money required for lunch, school, bills, or personal care items? Make it a point to be as descriptive as you can. Try not to keep the reason for the money a secret when there is one.

‘I really want pizza with expresso right now, but I don’t have any money to purchase it,” “I really need to change my hair this week, but I’m broke”, “my professor just revealed his new book for history class, but I don’t have any money to buy it” and so on.

3. Ask For His Money To Help Solve Your Problem

Make a request for financial help from him to help you resolve your situation. Try packing the amount you’ll need if you know how much you’ll need.

‘I’d appreciate it if you could help me out with $100.’ or ‘I really have to get some cash today or I’m screwed, haha.’ are some examples.

When these two elements are combined, we get:

“Hey babe, I just saw this amazing dress on Amazon for $350. I know it will make me look killer, but I’m afraid I can’t afford it right now. Could you lend me some cash to purchase it? thanks”

“Hey James, I need some money badly right now. Could you send me some? Love ya”

“Hey sexy, could you send me some cash? Even though I don’t have enough money to cover everything, I’m hosting dinner tonight. Thanks a mil!”

If your boyfriend has the money available, he will send it to you as soon as you demand it using this format, which is guaranteed to get you a positive response.

Although asking your boyfriend for free money might seem amusing, there are a few things you need to know first.

Things You Should Not Do When Asking Your Boyfriend For Money Through Text

  • DO not be greedy.
  • He will question your intentions and affection if you take advantage of his money.
  • Do not be aggressive.
  • Make an effort to avoid being obnoxious and entitled.
  • If you know your boyfriend doesn’t have any money to give, don’t text him asking for it.
  • Do not inquire if you truly do not require it.
  • Avoid asking your boyfriend for money on a regular basis; it’s a huge red flag.

Top Samples For On How You Can Ask Your Boyfriend For Money Through Text

1. Be Upfront About Why You’re Asking

If you explain why you need the money, they’ll be more likely to give it to you. They must be a friend, coworker, or family member if you know them well enough to have their phone number. These people are probably sympathetic to your circumstance. Give a succinct justification of your financial need and your intended use for the money.[1] For example:

  • “I’m sorry to bother you, but I have a question for you, Vic. Even though I don’t get paid until the 30th, my energy bill is due on Friday.”
  • “Since school starts the following week, Uncle Phil, I apologize for not budgeting enough money this month for my textbooks. Can you help me out?”
  • “I just finished eating at a restaurant, and when I went to pay, I realized I left my wallet at home. Lukas, this is so embarrassing. Possibly a few dollars via Venmo”

2. Indicate The Amount Of Money You Require.

They could assume you’re taking advantage of them if you’re vague. Avoid avoiding the subject! If you ask them for “some money” or vaguely say “it’s for rent” without noting an exact sum, they’ll probably feel like you’re trying to milk them for a handout. And if they have to ask, “How much do you actually need?” you can be sure they’re cringing! Both of you will find this easier if you specify the amount.[2] You might say:

  • “I have $200 less to pay toward my $875 monthly rent.”
  • “All I need is $20 to pay for this meal, and I’m good to go!”
  • “My textbooks cost $134.24 in total, the cashier informed me.”

3. Let Them Know When You Require The Funds.

If it’s urgent or you’re requesting a sizable sum of money, give them a deadline. You should make this as simple as possible for them! Give them some notice if you need to borrow more than a few hundred dollars so they have time to gather the funds. Let them know the due date if you need assistance paying a bill. Additionally, be very clear if you truly require money now. A few examples for you:

  • “I will need the money in two weeks because the rent is due on January 1.”
  • “My invoice is due on October 24th. Do you think I can get the money by then?”
  • “To be honest, this is urgent; the waiter is literally asking me to pay the bill right now.”

4. Tell Me How To Send The Money To You.

Keep them from solving any more of your problems for you! Make this simple for them by just stating the best way for them to send you the money since you’re already asking for it. Giving them multiple options is always a good idea (if it’s possible), but obviously this depends on your particular situation. However, if there is just one choice, make sure everyone knows what it is. For example:

  • “Can you send the money by Venmo right away? or hand the cashier your credit card? Right here, she is present.”
  • “To the Gaslight Square Apartments, please make the check out. You can mail it to my landlord that way.”[3]
  • “If you’re not too busy, I can come by and get a $20 bill. I appreciate it!”

5. Make A Note Of When You’ll Repay Them.

If you promise to pay it back, they are more likely to give you the money. A family member or close friend may not care whether you repay them if you ask for $100 or less. However, you should still make the offer! Most people will feel more at ease if you let them know exactly when they can expect repayment if you’re asking for a sizable sum of money.[4] You might say:

  • “I can return the $200 on the following Friday when I get paid.”
  • “I am able to pay $100 each month until my debt is completely paid off, even though I am unable to pay back the full $1,000 in one go.”
  • “When we have dinner this Sunday, I’ll pay for your meal if you would like to Venmo the money now.”

6. If You’re Requesting A Sizable Sum Of Money, Put It In Writing.

To reassure them, prepare a document that outlines your repayment strategy. When you know it will take a while to pay it all back, asking for a sizable sum of money can be awkward. By offering to create a payment schedule with due dates and installment amounts, you can lessen the weirdness.[5] For example:

  • “Every time I get paid, which is every other Friday, I’ll send you $100 using PayPal. I’ll make the initial payment on Friday. You will receive your full repayment by February 24 if we follow that schedule. Does that work?”
  • Tell them you’ll send them the document via email in a few minutes because you’re asking for money via text. Before sending the money, they can review it and sign off.

7. If They Owe You Money, Start By Dropping Hints.

If you want to avoid confronting your friend about a debt they owe you, try this. It’s awkward to request repayment from a friend. Try to extend the benefit of the doubt to your friend if the date they promised to pay you back has already passed (perhaps they simply forgot).[7] Before making demands, try dropping a few hints like:

  • “To be honest, I can’t make it out to the club tonight. I’m totally broke.”
  • “I’m short and my rent is due the following week. What should I do?”

8. If You Need To Be Paid Right Away, Remain Composed And Firm.

A little leniency can be shown toward the request by outlining the urgency. Even if you’re super annoyed with your friend at this point, demanding “I urgently require the $50 you owe me.” is probably not the best way to go. To elicit empathy from your friend, try taking a more composed stance.[8] For example:

  • “I apologize for asking, but I really need the $50 you owe me to pay my credit card bill. It’s due in a week…”
  • “Help needed for the girl, please. On Friday, I have to pay off my car note, but I’m short. I’ll be able to make my note payment on time if you can pay back the $100 you owe. :)”
  • Send them a PayPal money request if you want to be direct without actually confronting them. Possibly, that will work.[9]
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