How To Delete My fitness pal Account? The Guide.


Your account can be deleted whenever you want. Please refer to this article for specific instructions on how to delete your account. As an alternative, you can request that the Support Team remove your account. You won’t be able to retrieve your Personal Data after deleting your account.

How To Delete Myfitnesspal Account

You can delete your account using any of the following platforms:

From The Website:

  1. Sign into
  2. Click My Home >> Settings >> Delete Account

From Ios:

  1. Open the MyFitnessPal iOS app
  2. Go to More(…) >> Help >> Delete Account

From Android:

  1. Open the MyFitnessPal Android App
  2. Go to Menu >> Help >> Delete Account

Can I Reset The Data On My Account?

Data reset functionality for the program is not yet available. In a later update, we will most definitely take this option into account.

Your starting date, weight, and goals should be reset, as this is the option we advise. Alternately, you can delete your account and start over, but doing so will delete all of your information and require you to select a new username.

On our website at, you can access either choice. When logging in, mobile app users should use the same email address and password they use within the app.

If you would like to delete your account:

From the website:

  • Click My Home >> Settings >> Delete Account

You may also delete your account in the apps:

  • iOS – Open the app >> More… >> Help >> Delete Account
  • Android – Open the app >> Menu >> Help >> Delete Account

If you would prefer to update your profile:

From the website:

  1. Log into the website (
  2. Click My Home >> Settings >> Update diet/fitness profile
  3. Set a new starting weight and goal
  4. Click the green Update Profile button

You can also update your profile in the apps:

  • iOS – Open the app >> More… >> Goals >> Update the information you wish to change
  • Android – Open the app >> Menu >> Goals >> Update the information you wish to change

In order to reflect your new beginning, we also advise updating your starting weight and date.

Please be aware that once you delete your account, it cannot be retrieved. Please be aware that it could take up to 72 hours for our outbound email system to remove you from the email rotation.

Lucky Wong

Lucky Wong