How to Fit into a Dress That Won’t Zip: Easy Tips

How to Fit into a Dress That Won't Zip: Easy Tips

When a dress catches your eye and you discover that the zipper won’t close, it can be very upsetting. There are a few things you can try to make the dress zip up, but if all else fails, there are still ways to wear a dress that won’t zip up.

Once you are wearing the skirt, try zipping it up. If you are unable to pull it all the way up, try pulling it as high as you can before using safety pins to close the opening. Try a few different approaches if the skirt is still too tight.

If your skirt lacks a zip or you are unable to zip it up, the following article will provide some straightforward and doable solutions to help you put it on. Read on!

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How to Fit into a Dress That Won’t Zip?

You’ll lose your positive attitude for the day if you can’t zip up your skirt! Here are some straightforward and complex approaches to doing it; pick the one that works best for your circumstance.

Local Adjustments

First, attempt to zip up the dress while wearing it. If you can’t get it to zip all the way, try zipping it up as far as you can and then using a safety pin to close the gap. There are a few other methods you can try if the dress is still too tight.

If the dress is made of stretchy fabric, you might be able to wear it without zipping it all the way up. Pull the zipper as high as it will go, then simply pull the dress up over your head. The stretchy material will help hold the dress in place.

If the dress is too tight in the bust area, you may be able to wear it by tying a piece of string or ribbon around your back. The dress will be drawn in and become simpler to zip as a result.

If the dress is too tight at the waist, you may be able to wear it by putting a belt on over the dress. This will make it simpler to zip the dress and hold it in position.

How to Fit into a Dress That Won't Zip: Easy Tips

Add Extra Clothes

You can always wear the dress without a zipper if all else fails. To keep the dress from being too revealing, simply wear a slip or undershirt underneath. You can also wear a cardigan or jacket over the dress to cover up the fact that it’s not zipped. Therefore, if you are unable to zip your dress, don’t give up. There are still ways to wear it and look great.

Re-cutting of the Dress

Tools and Materials:

  • Dress
  • Matching fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine


  • Cut the side seams of the dress-I started by cutting the side seams of the dress, making sure to cut an equal amount on both sides.
  • Cut fabric from a t-shirt-Make a triangle out of the fabric by cutting a previous t-shirt. I saved a step by using the t-shirt’s sleeves because the edge was already finished. The dress’s cut is the same length as the triangle’s length. Depending on how much extra fabric is required to make the dress fit properly, the width should be between 10 and 15 centimeters (4-6 inches).
  • Pin and sew-Turned my dress inside out. The triangles were then pinned into the side slits I had made in the dress, making sure the top edges were parallel to the armholes. I then stitched them in place.
  • Zigzag stitch-To prevent fraying, finished all the raw edges with a zigzag stitch. The edges can be serged if you have a serger instead.

Handling Dress Won’t Zip

You can try a few different things if your dress won’t zip up the side. Try first turning the dress inside out and zipping it up from the opposite side. Try zipping up the dress with a zip-up garment bag if that doesn’t work. If all else fails, you can take the dress to a tailor or seamstress to have them fix the zipper.

The sleeves of a dress should be altered if it is too small. Because your body is constantly changing, it is occasionally necessary to change your clothing. If a dress is too small to zip up, it can be fixed in two different ways. The techniques below can be applied by simply following the four easy steps. A ruler is used to measure the hips, waist, and bust. Mark the dress’ seams on each side after you’ve turned it inside out. The stitches between the marks will now be torn out.

How to Fit into a Dress That Won't Zip: Easy Tips

Before resewing the dress’ seams in the fourth step, the dress’ excess fabric must be taken off. When attempting to fit extra fabric into a dress, measurement becomes easier. You’ll need to use a fabric strip if you want to wear a dress with a lot of side space. The majority of seamstresses concur that adding fabric to a dress’ bottom is a good idea. Simply take measurements for the triangles and cut them according to the paper’s instructions. The third step is to cut out the seams in the places on the dress where you can add more fabric. The fourth step is to sew the dress in place with the help of a sewing machine.


For fat girls, it can be difficult to put on a dress that fits properly because their zipper may not zipper up. Then, I think the methods I’ve listed above will inspire you. If none of them work, visit the mall and purchase a new, prettier dress that fits you better!