How to Fix Bald Spots in Eyelashes: 4 Methods

How to Fix Bald Spots in Eyelashes: 7 Methods

The eyelashes on your eyes act as curtains. They may enhance the beauty and allure of your soul’s windows. But what if the drapes are ripped? Making sure that your eyes are always hidden by gorgeous curtains can be made possible by learning how to fix bald spots on your eyelashes.

To find out more about these bald spots on your eyelashes, what causes them initially, and how to properly resolve the issue, keep reading below.

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What Causes Bald Spots in Eyelashes?

Generally speaking, some shedding and thinning are completely normal and cause no concern. Dermatologists claim that these are the most frequent causes if there are more noticeable bald spots on eyelashes.

Excessive Use of False Eyelashes

Overusing false eyelashes can make your eyelash bald spots worse. Then there are false eyelashes, which collectively represent a number of offenders. “Many people who use extensions experience an allergic reaction to the glue, causing inflammation that can lead to eyelash shedding. In the case of false lashes, the glue can bind to natural lashes and, if taken off improperly, can rip out the natural lashes,” says Dr. Frank advises using an oil cleanser or a particular adhesive remover for more delicate removal.

Excessive Friction

It’s important to keep your eye area clean from debris (especially when it comes to removing your makeup before bed), but experts caution that cleansing such a sensitive area should come with great care. “You’ll want to steer clear of any trauma to the lashes, avoiding heavy rubbing, tugging, and excessive force, especially along the eyelid margin,” says Jenny Liu, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and assistant professor at the University of Minnesota.

How to Fix Bald Spots in Eyelashes: 7 Methods

A common culprit behind eyelash friction is your sleep mask. According to Clementina Richardson, a celebrity lash expert and founder of Envious Lashes, a sleep mask can cause eyelash extensions to lean and lose their shape from being pressed against your eyes all night. Look for sleep masks that are adjustable or made for lash extension wearers to make sure the mask isn’t too tight on your face.


Eyelash loss and bald patches can also be caused by allergic reactions. While you’re at it, do yourself a favor and read the ingredient list on the label. “Allergies to cosmetics, eye makeup, makeup remover, skincare, and even nail polishes are common causes of eyelid dermatitis and, if severe, can cause eyelash loss,” warns Dr. Liu.2 Stop using eye products and get an allergy test to determine what you are allergic to if you think your eyelash loss is due to an allergic reaction to makeup or eye cream.

Bacterial Infections

Your hair loss may be caused by the fact that you don’t pay attention to the expiration dates on your makeup. Dr. Frank makes the observation that you should pay special attention to the expiration dates on your eye products as this can frequently result in bacterial infection.”Mascara should be thrown out every three months because it can grow staph. Inflammation brought on by a bacterial infection from outdated products can lead to the loss of eyelashes.”

How to Fix Bald Spots in Eyelashes: 4 Methods

If you’re longing to fix bald spots without a trip to the salon, keep reading to find out exactly what you can do to regrow your eyelashes at home.

Using Eyelash Growth Solution

Any lash rehab program should aim to minimize bald spots while maximizing length and fullness. Try a lash-enhancing serum to get there. According to Fredrichs, the FDA-approved serum Latisse available only by prescription contains the active ingredient bimatoprost, which prolongs the time that hair is in the growing stage. But if you’d prefer something over-the-counter, she advises picking a serum that includes biotin, amino acids, and proteins to help nourish the lashes. All of the aforementioned components are present in the NeuLash Lash Enhancing Serum ($150), which also boasts a nourishing formula that hydrates, fortifies, and shields lashes from further harm.

Keep Your Eyes Clean

If you’re a die-hard fan of lash extensions, it’s likely that you remove your eye makeup with extreme caution on a regular basis—or at least, you should. “Aggressively scrubbing your eye makeup off will only break your lashes, and using harsh makeup removers with alcohol will make your lashes brittle,” warns Fredrichs. “When removing eye makeup, close your eyes and use a soft sweeping motion to gently swipe down and out from the inside to the outside.” Also perhaps not needing to be said, but steer clear of waterproof mascara. Not only can it dry out your lashes, but it might also tempt you to scrub harder when it’s time to take them off.

Choose mascaras with lash-loving oils and waxes because moisture is essential. We love the Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara ($24), which gives the appearance of extensions while also drenching your lashes in healthy, moisture-rich ingredients like castor seed oil and shea butter.

Stop Using the Eyelash Curler

We know, we know. Lash curlers are touted for giving straight lashes a much-needed boost, but we’d be lying by omission if we didn’t tell you that they have the potential to pull out the lashes you’re working so hard to regrow. Not to mention that using eyelash curlers regularly and over time can weaken your lashes and reduce their density. Giving your lashes a break occasionally can encourage them to grow without any interference, though we’re not suggesting you give up your most cherished beauty tool entirely.

Apply mascara from root to tip, then use the end of a makeup brush carefully to hold the lashes up until the product is completely dry if you want to give them a lift. This curler-free hack will work for anyone who wants longer lashes. Letting the mascara formula completely dry in place before releasing will help the curl hold its shape for a longer period of time, just as you would after running an iron through a curl in your palm.

How to Fix Bald Spots in Eyelashes: 7 Methods

Improved Diet

The same foods that are good for your hair and scalp are also helpful for treating bald spots on your eyelashes. Foods high in biotin and vitamin Bs, such as egg yolk, spinach, oats, cauliflower, avocados, nuts, seeds, and lean proteins, according to Fredrichs, should be consumed in large quantities. De Marco agrees that your diet may have an impact on how quickly your eyelashes grow, and she adds that foods that produce collagen (such as bone broth, citrus fruits, and garlic) as well as foods high in vitamin C may also hasten growth. In fact, he asserts that vitamin C is crucial because it is required for the body to produce collagen. “I highly recommend taking a vitamin C time-released supplement, either in pill form or in liquid form,” he says. “Not just eyelash repair but also skin and hair issues can be helped by them.” Try Emergen-C’s Vitamin C Powder ($12); the individual packets are convenient for on-the-go use and provide significant immune-boosting advantages.


bald spots in eyelashes aren’t scary, what’s scary is that you still don’t pay attention to your eye cleaning and eating habits, and makeup habits. Your bald spots will disappear if you stop engaging in these harmful activities for your eyelashes.


Will Eyelashes Grow Back When Plucked?

Will your eyelashes grow back after being plucked? Fortunately, the short and simple answer is that yes, eyelashes do grow back.

Will Bald Spots in Lashes Grow Back?

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