How to Get Rid of Square Butt: Exercise and Nutrition Tips

square butt

Everyone wants that picture-perfect peach, right? You might be surprised to learn that there are actually five different types of bums: the a-shape, the v-shape, the upside-down heart, the round bum, and the square bum. So how do you go from having a square-shaped bum to one that is rounder?

There are several reasons why your bum looks the way it does. Genetics, how frequently you sit versus stand, your diet, and your exercise routine are all considered here.

We have a strategy for you to follow in order to make the necessary changes and develop glutes that you are proud of if you want to feel confident wearing a bikini or leggings!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to get a round bum if that’s not your natural shape and whether it’s even feasible. Your square booty is making you unhappy. Find out by reading on!

What Causes a Square Butt?

Although genetics play a large role in how your body is built, you do have some control over it.

If you notice that you have a square butt, it’s likely that you tend to store fat more in the hip, lower abdominal, and upper gluteal regions.

How to Get Rounder Glutes Naturally?

The glutes consist of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

While having a strong and developed gluteus medius will help you achieve a rounder bum, you should focus on developing all three of these muscles to their full potential.

Starting on your lower back, the gluteus medius circles to the side of your hips.

Your glutes will be more rounded and lifted after developing this muscle as opposed to falling straight down and in line with your waist.

Things to Consider When Training for Rounder Glutes

Look at genetics, which is the main determinant of how your butt looks, before you start dieting and exercising.

Body Genetics

1. Bones

Some people are born with pelvises that are different from others, and this can change how someone’s hips and bum naturally look.

Unfortunately, you cannot change or exert any influence over this. Just make the necessary adjustments to achieve the best possible physique.

2. Butt Shape

Your genetics would dictate how your natural butt shape would be if you did no exercise at all.

As a result, some people believe they don’t need to work on their glutes at all in the gym, while others are aware that they need to be a top priority.

3. Muscle Mass

If you are naturally more muscular than most people, adding mass to the gluteus medius may not require as much effort on your part.

Regardless of what your genetics have predetermined, you should still eat a lot of protein and stick to a set exercise schedule if you want to improve the shape of your bum.

4. Body Fat

Your genetics also decide where you gain and lose fat in your body first. 

So, be patient as you lose weight if you need to lose fat from your hips and abdomen to make your glutes appear rounder.

You’ll eventually see the fat disappear where you want it to!

Get Rid of Square Butt

Round Butt

It’s A Two Step Process

Step One

You need to spend some time in a calorie surplus with a high-protein diet in order to build new muscle (you can get this from the calculator).

I recommend training your glutes 3-4x a week for a minimum of 3 months to see any changes in glute shape and size. But in all honesty, developing a great bum can take years of diligent work.

Keep in mind that if you don’t eat, you won’t grow and your glute shape won’t change.

Step Two

This is the fat loss phase. We can start working on the muffin top once you’ve gotten your glutes to the size and shape you are happy with.

Fat loss requires a calorie deficit with a high protein diet in order to burn fat and preserve muscle (again you can get this from the calculator).

With a sensible diet, weight training, and moderate cardio (as needed) we can burn off the fat around the top of the glutes (along with the rest of the body as you can’t spot reduce fat) to help lessen the square shape and enhance the round glute shape you’ve been aiming for.

Depending on your starting point you may need to diet for 4-12 weeks (but it’s wildly variable).

To maintain as much muscle and strength as possible, I advise a more gradual approach with a less drastic calorie deficit of about 10%.

During both the glute building phase and fat loss phase your training should stay pretty much the same:

Lift weights

Keep it heavy

Maintain your strength levels (getting weaker is a sign of muscle loss and too harsh a diet)

Cardio should be utilized as a tool for general fitness or as and when required. Stop doing kickbacks on the Stairmaster because cardio won’t help you build your glutes!!!

Exercises for Rounder Glutes

To lift your bum, you should train all the glute muscles from all angles, but with square-shaped glutes we want more focus on the gluteus medius – the lateral muscles that sit higher on your bum, closer to your waist and are responsible for the abduction of the leg.

Your Go-To lifts will always be your priority, no matter what you want your glutes to look like these are your bread and butter:

Barbell, banded, machined, single-leg hip thrusts.

Barbell, banded, single-leg glute bridges.

Sumo, conventional, and Romanian deadlifts

back, front, goblet, sumo, and split squats.

Static, deficit, and walking lunges.

Machine, fire hydrants, cable, and German abductions, among others.

Exercises for the Upper Glutes (Glute Medius)

A robust gluteus medius lifts, shapes, and guards against persistent back pain. So, not just a round bum, but also for daily health and pain-free living, exercises that build them are crucial.

The gluteus medius runs along the side of your glutes and outer thigh (see image above) and can be difficult to target with squats and deadlifts.

To really grow your upper glutes we need exercises that isolate the gluteus medius.

The quickest and easiest way to get started is the Extra Range Side – Lying Hip Abduction

Extra Range Side – Lying Hip Abduction

Ankle weights, bands, or cables can be added to make this harder, but they are already quite spicier. Keep your hips facing forward at all times; if you allow your top hip to externally rotate, your gluteus medius won’t be targeted as effectively.

Machine Hip Abduction

If your gym has one (which almost every gym does) then the Machine Hip Abduction is a fantastic bit of kit when done properly for targeting the gluteus medius and helping to lift the glutes and make them appear rounder.

For the best results and the most intense burn, I love to have my clients use pause reps on this machine, which require them to hold their legs open against the weight for 1-3 seconds.

Fire Hydrants

The fire hydrant exercise is a great way to target the gluteus medius and pump up those glutes to get those round glutes. It can be used as a finishing move at the end of a workout or as a supplement to glute activation.

Glute Dominant Back Extension

One of my favorite exercises to target the glutes and hamstrings is the Glute Dominant Back Extension. By engaging the hamstrings, you can lift and shape your lower glutes while also engaging the gluteus medius and, of course, the crucial glute maxima.

The three things you should pay the most attention to are tucking in your chin, rounding the upper back, and pulling with your glutes rather than your back. Additionally, I discover that standing with my feet pointed out and my heels together, or a penguin stance really works my glutes.

Cable Standing Hip Abduction

This is a great alternative to the Extra Range Side – Lying Hip Abduction or Abduction machine. The secret is to keep the weight light so you can really focus on squeezing the muscle rather than trying to throw the weight up with bad form.

A Great Finisher

A great finisher for helping turn square-shaped glutes into round glutes is Banded Seated Hip Abductions.

By the time we reach the end of a workout, we’ve already worked the muscles hard with heavy weights and large compound exercises, so it’s okay to finish with a few banded exercises to get that last booty pump.

This exercise and variations of it are a go-to for me and my clients for women with more square glutes.

Glute Building Nutrition

Although diet is crucial, exercise is essential for improving the appearance of your glutes.

To grow your bum, you must be in a slight caloric deficit while consuming a lot of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables.

Additionally, it’s critical that you consume a lot of healthy fats and carbohydrates to support healthy hormone levels and give your body the energy it needs to function.


The muscle fibers in your glutes require food in order to develop and fill out to give your bum a rounded shape. And what is the best source of food? Protein!

To increase and maintain muscle mass, one must consume an adequate amount of protein.

For faster transformational results, aim for one gram of protein per pound of body weight each day!

7-Day Sample Meal Plan


1. Protein Oatmeal With Berries

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2. Blueberry Protein Pancakes and Turkey Bacon

Use a protein pancake mix or make your own by combining protein powder with the basic ingredients for this breakfast option.

Serve with a side of turkey bacon and a fruit or vegetable to add some nutrients.

3. Protein Muffins

Are you always rushing off in the mornings? Make portable protein muffins once or twice a week by investing an hour or two.

On your way out the door, pick up a banana and add protein powder to your favorite muffin batter.


1. Tuna and Rice Cakes

Make your favorite tuna salad and spread it on a few rice cakes when you need something quick, easy, and high in protein. Feel free to substitute bread for the rice cakes if you need something with a few more calories.

2. Asian Salad

Before adding chopped salmon, sliced almonds, chow mein noodles, and your preferred healthy dressing, gather a pre-made salad mixture or make your own.

In order for your body to work as efficiently as possible while striving to help you get that bigger bum, you must consume enough greens!

3. Sushi

Don’t be afraid to buy sushi for lunch if you don’t have the time to prepare it.

Sushi is frequently higher in protein, lower in calories, and a fantastic source of many different nutrients.


1. Ground Turkey Chili

Try ground turkey chili if you own a crockpot! To make a delicious, high-protein meal, just combine cooked ground turkey, beans, tomato sauce, beef broth, and your preferred spices.

2. High-Protein Pizza

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Add cheese, cooked ground turkey or chicken, cooked vegetables, and more to a high-protein wrap that serves as the crust.

3. Tofu and Rice

Are you trying to find a vegan dish? .s, and the of that be,,, of,, and the wrisk of the wrisk., and the wrisk of the the. the Tahini should be drizzled on top to finish the dish.


1. Greek Yogurt Parfait

Blend some Greek yogurt, your preferred fruit, and granola together for a quick snack that can be made in a few minutes.

2. Protein Bars and Shakes

Recall how your best friend is protein. When you need to hit your protein goals or grab a post-workout snack, keep a tub of protein powder and some low-sugar protein bars on hand.

3. HaloTop

You do not have to be one of the many people who let their sweet tooth interfere with their efforts to achieve a certain physique. You can turn to HaloTop for delicious, high-protein, low-calorie ice cream as your go-to treat!


Which supplements should you buy with your hard-earned money when there seems to be an endless supply available?

1. Multivitamin

If your body is not operating at its best, it will be difficult for you to achieve any fitness goals.

Multivitamins are helpful because the average person does not even come close to getting enough of each nutrient each day.

If you decide to buy a supplement, make sure it’s a daily multivitamin made from whole foods.

2. Pre-Workout

You probably haven’t ever heard anyone say that a leg day was simple. A little caffeine may help you lift more weight and make progress more quickly when you are working on your glutes in the gym.

To give yourself a little extra energy before that leg session, try pre-workout.

3. Protein Powder:

Protein powder is amazing for helping you build muscle quickly and efficiently, and you can typically get 25 grams of protein in only 150 calories!

Calories Recommended for Mass and Fat Loss

You must give the body a few extra calories if you want to add muscle to your glutes, particularly the gluteus medius. Try eating more protein and a caloric surplus of 250–500 calories per day.

Unfortunately, this process won’t just result in more muscle. Just keep in mind that once you have added a lot of muscle to your butt, you can later enter a caloric deficit.

It is strongly advised that you get assistance with this process from a nutritionist or dietician.

Final Thoughts…..

This is by no means an exhaustive list of exercises but they are fantastic options to add to your glute workouts if you have square-shaped glutes and you are looking to improve the size and shape to make them appear rounder.

But keep in mind that you cannot completely alter your glutes. Your genetics gave you your glute shape, all we can do is try to enhance what you already have and learn to love what you got.

Finally, remember that your glutes have a huge impact on performance and injury prevention. Training your glutes is therefore essential if you are prone to injuries.

Looking great, staying healthy, and having a strong booty will improve your health and wellness not just your appearance, it’s not going to happen in a week so be patient.

Thanks for reading

Lavin Qian

Lavin Qian