How to Get Rid of Stomach Crease: Ultimate Guide

Stomach Crease

Usually, excess fat is the cause of stomach crevices. Your stomach may fold slightly while you are sitting, leaving creases. The cellulite on your stomach can become creased even if you are not overweight. Cellulite that is only mildly present is frequently only noticeable when the skin is pinched, such as when you are sitting or hunching over. Toning your abdomen and midsection, exercising, and a healthy diet can help you get rid of stomach creases.

Not only are stomach lines unattractive, but they can also be problematic on many levels and cause a variety of issues. It is therefore advised to get rid of them as soon as possible. Here’s the lowdown on stomach creases and how to get rid of them in case you’re one of those people who thinks your stomach creases are so deep that they bother you.

How to Get Rid of Stomach Crease Lines?

You should follow a few steps if you want to get rid of the lines on your stomach. To get rid of the lines on your stomach, you must first identify which of the causes we listed above applies to you.

Eat a Healthy Diet

People who are overweight are more likely to have “fat rolls” on their stomachs. On the skin, lines may develop when fat folds over itself and remains that way for a long time.

Some people have permanent folds in the skin and fat on their stomach, while for others, the folds only show up when they are seated.

If you want to get rid of your stomach creases, regardless of whether your fat rolls remain or disappear when you stand up straight, you must work on losing some belly fat.

Your first step should be to begin eating a healthier diet if you want to lose weight. Reduce your intake of empty calories and high-sugar foods and make an effort to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.

A balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein is necessary if you want to lose weight. You should also learn to manage your portion sizes. If you want advice from a doctor on how to lose weight, you can do so. You can also get support from a neighborhood weight loss group.

You must create a calorie deficit and consume as many healthy foods as you can while avoiding eating so little that you are constantly hungry.

Creating long-term lifestyle changes is the key to weight loss; while a quick-fix diet may work in the short term, it won’t help you keep the weight off in the long run.

Stay Hydrated

When trying to lose weight, staying hydrated is just as crucial as eating a healthy diet. You should consume 8 to 10 glasses of water each day, according to health professionals, to stay hydrated.

As toxins like sodium and other toxins that can cause bloating can be flushed out through drinking water. You can lessen the look of lines on your stomach by staying hydrated.

No matter if you’re trying to get rid of stomach lines or not, you should always drink plenty of water.

Exercise Regularly

Side planks

If you want to lose weight and get rid of your belly folds and lines, healthy eating and drinking plenty of water are great places to start. However, you also need to exercise frequently.

Regular physical activity is crucial for health and wellbeing and is a surefire way to lose weight.

Your abdomen will become more toned as a result of exercise, and over time you should start to notice the folds and lines on your stomach starting to disappear. Exercise will also help you get rid of any extra belly fat.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you should make an effort to exercise three to four times per week. You should try to exercise for about 30 minutes, with a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise being the most effective strategy.

A personal trainer can assist you in your weight loss efforts if you need encouragement and knowledgeable exercise advice. Exercises that will target your stomach fat and help you get rid of stomach lines can be suggested by a personal trainer.

Target Your Abs During Workouts

Is eliminating your stomach creases and lines your ultimate goal? If the answer is yes, you should perform particular exercises that concentrate on your core and abdominal muscles.

If you want a flat, toned stomach with no creases or lines, lifting weights daily is useless. You must work your stomach muscles during your workout if you want to get rid of your fat folds and the lines they cause.

You are less likely to have folds across your stomach if you have strong, tight abs. A list of exercises that work the muscles in your abdomen and help reduce stomach creases is provided at the end of this article.

Avoid Processed Food

When trying to lose weight, you should completely avoid processed foods. Processed foods can contribute to weight gain and bloating because they are frequently high in sodium, fat, and sugar.

In order to reduce stomach lines, you must eliminate processed foods from your diet and replace them with fresh, wholesome produce.

Eat More Fiber

It has been established that eating a lot of fiber can aid in weight loss. Choose whole-grain pasta instead of white and whole-grain bread instead of white.

Women who consumed a high-fiber diet had a 49% lower risk of experiencing significant weight gain, according to a study from the early 2000s.

Consuming a lot of fiber can help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce belly fat, and lessen the visibility of horizontal lines across your stomach.

Wear Looser Clothing

This is by far the simplest way to get rid of stomach creases and lines. If you already follow a healthy diet and exercise frequently, your stomach lines may simply be a result of wearing clothes that are too small.

If your clothing is too tight, you can be thin and still have stomach lines. Never let having to go up a size make you feel guilty; you deserve to feel relaxed in your clothes rather than crammed in.

If you have lines around your middle, try wearing jeans or pants that are a larger size; if they are not too tight, they won’t dig into your skin or cause a roll of fat to sit above the waistband.

Some people can be extremely self-conscious about the rolls and folds on their stomachs. There are numerous items of clothing that won’t make you look frumpy but won’t cling to your stomach if you wear them. If you don’t like how your stomach looks under your clothes, you can try wearing looser shirts, dresses, and sweaters.

You haven’t necessarily gained weight if your clothes are starting to fit too poorly and are giving you stomach rolls. The shape of clothing can change over time or shrink during washing.

Have a little shopping spree instead of trying to fit yourself into those tiny, uncomfortable jeans.

As you work to get rid of your stomach lines, buy yourself clothes in a size that fits you comfortably. If you are particularly self-conscious about your stomach, stay away from tight-fitting clothing.

Correct Your Posture

More than just a sore back and stiff neck and shoulders can result from poor posture. Particularly if you maintain that posture for an extended period of time, slouching while you sit can cause rolls in the fat and skin across your stomach.

Your stomach folds would instantly vanish with a quick change in posture.

As much as you can, try to sit up straight; as soon as you notice yourself slouching once more, immediately adjust your posture.

If you sit at a desk all day at work, make an effort to adjust your posture periodically and stand up often to allow your back to rest. You can lessen the appearance of lines across your stomach if you maintain good posture.

Use Skin Tightening Cream

You might give a tightening cream a try if you want to prevent the development of stomach lines or at least minimize their appearance.

As their name suggests, skin tightening creams tighten your skin and lessen the visibility of lines, wrinkles, and creases.

The best way to avoid lines altogether is with tightening creams and lotions, though many manufacturers claim their products will also minimize saggy skin and minimize the appearance of any lines you already have.

Why Do I Have Lines across My Stomach?

You might not enjoy having lines on your stomach, but if you do, you are by no means alone. People frequently have horizontal creases and lines across their stomachs.

The majority of people only notice their stomach wrinkles when they are sitting down, but some people’s stomach wrinkles are permanent.

There are several reasons why lines appear across the stomach, let’s take a look at the key influencing factors:

Your Weight

Everybody can develop stomach creases. Your skin may fold across your stomach while you are sitting, whether you are thin or overweight, and this will result in lines.

However, creases and lines are more likely to appear on people who are overweight or have more belly fat.


Both healthy weight individuals and overweight individuals may experience cellulite. It happens when bands of connective tissue pull the skin that covers some areas of fat down to the deeper tissues, resulting in an uneven surface.

The skin may look lumpy and have an orange peel-like appearance due to cellulite. Those annoying folds and lines might be appearing as a result of cellulite on your stomach.

Bad Posture When Seated

It can result in lines across the belly to spend hours slouching or not sitting up straight with good posture.

This occurs as a result of the stomach fat folding in on itself when you slouch; if you maintain this posture for an extended period of time, the folds do not smooth out, and lines are evident when you stand up straight again.

Tight Clothes

Your stomach may start to show lines from wearing tight clothing. Wearing too-tight clothing for an extended period of time will cause lines to develop across your stomach, much like slouching for an extended period of time will.

For instance, tight pants can make your stomach look creased even when you’re wearing a shirt because the fat hangs over the top.

Lack of Abdominal Exercise

The likelihood of having lines across your stomach decreases with abdominal tone. By regularly exercising with an emphasis on your abs, you can prevent the fat folding across your stomach that frequently results in creases and lines.

Those who regularly work out in the gym may develop stomach lines, but those who have extra belly fat are more likely to have them.

Are Stomach Creases Normal?

We are so used to seeing celebrity bodies on social media and in magazines that we occasionally feel like our stomachs aren’t “normal” when we look at our own bodies.

Truth be told, every body is unique, and celebrities frequently follow strict diets and work with both a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

Remember that what you see on social media may have also been edited, and the person’s body may have been posed to hide any excess fat or wrinkles.

Don’t compare yourself to them; having stomach creases is completely normal.

As we’ve previously mentioned, your weight is not the only reason for your stomach creases. Lines and creases across the stomach area can be brought on by cellulite, poorly fitting clothing, and poor posture.

Although belly creases are common, they may indicate that you need to start living a little more healthily or that you simply need to purchase the next size up the next time you purchase some new pants from the store.

Do Stomach Creases Go Away?

The good news is that stomach wrinkles don’t have to be unavoidable. If you put in the necessary effort, you can get rid of stomach creases, folds, and lines.

You’ll need to change your lifestyle and make a commitment to getting fitter before your stomach stops folding, unless you’re extremely lucky.

How to Measure Visceral Fat for Stomach Lines Prevention?

It is categorically advised to measure visceral fat levels in order to prevent diseases associated with obesity. Here’s how you can do it:

Hip-To-Waist Ratio

Simply divide your waist circumference by the size of your hips to arrive at this formula. However, you must first measure your waist and hip sizes precisely enough to estimate your body’s visceral fat content. If you are aware of this, you will be able to pinpoint the origin of your stomach lines and creases. This will also direct you in determining the best plan of action for eradicating the fat lines in the area. You must wrap a measuring tape around your stomach so that it crosses the belly button in order to determine your waist circumference. The tape measure should not be tightly wrapped around your skin; it should only rest there. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, take the measurement.

You can then measure your hip size after completing this. Place your feet directly beneath your hips while standing tall, then wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips. the measurement after that.

Once you’ve completed these two steps, use the measurements to the following straightforward formula: waist circumference / hip size.

Best Exercises to Get Rid of Stomach Creases


Healthy eating and regular exercise are the best ways to lose weight and, as a result, get rid of stomach creases and lines. You must include a lot of core and abdominal exercises in your workout program if you want to effectively lose those stomach folds quickly.

Here is a list of exercises that will get rid of stomach creases, fat rolls, and horizontal lines on your stomach:

  • Side planks
  • Planks
  • Crunches
  • Leg lifts
  • Oblique twists
  • Yoga

The Final Thought

We sincerely hope that this article has given you the solutions you have been seeking if you have ever wondered how to get rid of stomach crease lines. Finding out what is causing your stomach lines and folds in the first place is the first step in getting rid of them.

Horizontal lines across your stomach can be brought on by excess stomach fat, poor posture, and cellulite.

The good news is that lines on your stomach don’t have to be permanent; by leading a healthy lifestyle, you can tighten your abdominal muscles and lessen the visibility of folds, creases, and lines.


Does Everyone’s Stomach Fold When They Sit?

Even those who are extremely fit have rolls on their stomachs when they sit down; this is normal. Therefore, it is completely fine and perfectly normal.

Does Holding Your Stomach in Help Tone It?

Your core muscles are engaged when you suck in your stomach, which also supports good posture. It instantly makes you feel taller, relaxes your shoulders, and, of course, gives the impression that your stomach is smaller.

How Do I Get Rid of Lines on My Stomach?

There are a few steps that you would need to follow in order to remove the lines on your stomach and they are:
Stay hydrated
Eat well with plenty of fruit and vegetables
Cut back on processed food
Exercise regularly and lose weight.

Lavin Qian

Lavin Qian