How to Get Sunless Tanner Off Hands: Removing Tips

How to Get Sunless Tanner Off Hands: Removing Tips

A quick and inexpensive way to achieve a bronze shine is by using a sunless tanner. The common issues that can arise with self-tanning products include streaking, product transfer, and overpowering odors, which you probably already know if you’ve ever used one. The only side effect that is particularly challenging to reverse is leaving your hands with a spray tan. Nevertheless, all of these effects are transient and easily remedied. The application of sunless tanners, particularly on the hands, can be challenging.

If you’re looking at your streaky orange palms and wondering how to remove tanning agents from your hands, these quick ways can save the day.

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What is a Sunless Tanner?

Sunless tanner, also known as UV-filled tanning, self-tanning, spray tanning (when applied topically), or fake tanning, refers to the effect of a suntan without exposure to the Sun. Sunless tanning involves applying creams, lotions, or sprays to the skin or taking oral agents (carotenoids). Skin-applied products may be skin-reactive agents or temporary bronzers (colorants).

Since health authorities established links between UV exposure (from sunlight or tanning beds) and the prevalence of skin cancer in the 1960s, sunless tanning has become more and more popular.

How to Get Sunless Tanner Off Hands?

Washing your hands right away after using sunless tanner products on your skin is the most efficient way to prevent an excess tanning situation. This process will help remove any excess sunless tanning product that may have remained on your hands after application.

Do not worry if you forget to wash your hands and your sunless tanner has dried on your palms. One of the simplest ways to get the sunless tanner off of your hands and palms is to exfoliate. Exfoliants remove dead skin cells so they can delicately remove the top layer of tanned skin cells, giving the skin a lighter appearance. Uncomfortably or even permanently damaging skin can result from exfoliating too much skin.

How to Get Sunless Tanner Off Hands: Removing Tips

Utilizing soft materials that do the job without endangering your skin is the key. There is no need to look for an expensive or exotic option because many of the best exfoliants for this purpose are common household items that you probably already own. You probably already have some of the best options at home, so check them out!

Get Sunless Tanner Off Your Hands before They Stain

Despite carefully following the directions on the bottle of self-tanner, you still managed to get self-tanner on your hands. Don’t worry; the self-tanner can be removed more easily when it’s still fresh. Continue reading to learn how to wash your hands after using self-tanner.

Wipe With Makeup Remover

Straightaway washing your hands at the sink will remove all the self-tanner, leaving you with an unnatural transition from tan arms to pale hands.

So, after you finish sunless tanning, use a wipe or washcloth to carefully clean your palms and the undersides of your fingers. This is the best way to catch any spots you might miss, so it’s a good idea to practice doing it every time.

Get in the Grooves

The skin in between your fingers usually doesn’t tan much naturally, as you’ll notice. Instead, because the skin in this area is typically drier than in other areas, if you let a self-tanner sit there, it’ll probably turn out extra dark.

By carefully guiding your wipe or washcloth along the cracks between your fingers, you can easily avoid this. Self-tan does not conceal once it develops, so skipping this step is sure to be a learning experience.

Get Sunless Tanner Off Your Hands After They Stain

You used a sunless tanner, but you forgot to wipe your palms afterward, and now the color is there. Now that you are stuck with the unattractive tan tint between your fingers and on the backs of your hands, here is how you’re going to fix it.

Nail Polish Remover

Acetone nail polish remover can help eliminate stubborn patches on the nails and fingertips. However, this method should not be used to remove sunless tanner from other parts of your body, as it is harsh and damaging to skin cells. To gently remove extra tanning lotion from your hands, dip a cotton swab into nail polish remover.

Lemon Juice

This is another potent exfoliant because it contains natural alpha hydroxy acid. Apply a little to the troubled areas and then rinse. Additionally, you can make a scrub by combining sugar and lemon juice. Rub the cut end of lemon on the spot if it’s only a small patch.


The appearance of darkened or orange patches is lessened by soaking your hands in coconut oil, olive oil, or baby oil. When combined with gentle exfoliation, it can be incredibly effective.

Baking Soda

You’ve probably heard all about the miraculous uses you can get out of a box of plain old baking soda, so now add “helps to get the sunless tanner off” to the list! Mix half a tablespoon of baking soda with a few drops of water to make a paste. Massage the paste gently over the palms and backs of your hands or put it on a toothbrush to scrub your fingers lightly. Then, rinse it off with warm water after letting it sit for a few seconds.

How to Get Sunless Tanner Off Hands: Removing Tips

White Vinegar

White vinegar, like lemon juice, contains an acid that aids in removing dead skin cells and dissolving stains.

Tips to Avoid Getting Self-Tanner on Your Hands

The next step is to never repeat that action after removing an excess amount of unwanted self-tanner from your hands, right? Here are a few tips that will help you eliminate this mistake from your daily activities.

  • Before you apply self-tanner, moisturize your hands, palms, and fingernails. As a barrier between your skin and the sunless tanning product, it may be of assistance.
  • Right after application, thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water to remove any excess tanning solution.
  • By gently exfoliating with a washcloth or a natural exfoliant, you can get rid of dried-on tanner.
  • Always be gentle when handling your skin! Overzealous exfoliation can irritate, dry out, and harm the skin.
  • As part of your skincare routine, moisturize after exfoliating to get rid of persistent dry or rough patches.


You can clean the sunless tanner residue off of your hands using these techniques. These techniques can still be excessive even though they are generally gentle and non-toxic. Don’t over-exfoliate your hands to prevent rashes or skin damage. Always remember to follow up exfoliating with a thick, deep-conditioning moisturizer to hydrate and maintain healthy skin.