How to Read Egg Cleanse 2022

Egg Cleanse

You can sense when your energy is off; you might feel down or have some bad luck. You can get rid of that bad energy and rediscover your true self with the aid of an egg cleansing. We’ll explain both how to perform an egg cleanse and how to interpret one in this article. For information on how to use an egg cleanse on a loved one or on yourself today, continue reading.

A shamanic ritual from the past that uses an uncooked egg to purge your body and soul of harmful energy. Although similar customs have been discovered in many other cultures, Mexico and Mesoamerica are home to the most common variation of this spiritual cleansing with an egg.

There are still a lot of believers out there despite the development of modern medicine. In fact, there are a lot of people using the egg cleanse on TikTok.

What is An Egg Cleanse

To absorb and expel all negative energies, egg cleansing involves rolling an uncooked egg all over your body without necessarily touching it. One raw egg is all that is needed; nothing else.

Some of these touted benefits are as follows:

  • combat illness and disease.
  • Get rid of evil, bad energy, and bad luck.
  • Expel any bad energy from your body.
  • Detect evil spirits.
  • Find out if you’ve been the victim of an evil eye.
  • detects the presence of enemies for you.

Both practitioners and believers claim that it can essentially cure anything that is wrong with you or that it is possible for something to be wrong. It is now up to you to decide whether you want to accept this… How powerful do you think a raw egg is? However, we’ll go over every detail of what this spiritual egg cleanse entails.

History of Egg Cleansing

This is a widespread, ancient shamanic practice, but the Mexican egg cleanse described above is probably the most well-known variant. This Mexican form of spiritual cleansing is called “limpia de los huevos”, which directly translates to egg cleansing. It is a practice that has been passed down for centuries by curanderos, which are traditional healers or shamans in Latin America.

Italy and the Phillipines, where they use the egg cleanse in a slightly different way, have also been found to practice this.

  • Italy. The Italians practiced benedicaria, which is a family-based spiritual tradition to cure diseases and ward off evil. They do use an egg to treat an evil eye, but they first give it a holy water bath before rolling it all over your body.
  • Phillipines. The Fillipinos practice pagtatawas, where they use an egg as a divination technique to uncover bad energies and demons.

How to Do An Egg Cleanse

This is the Mexican way to do the cleanse and all you need is an egg, water, salt, and lemon juice.

  1. Purify the egg. The egg must be cleaned to remove any initial bad energy. With a little salt and lemon juice in a cup of water, wash the egg.
  2. Fill another glass of water. Take a different glass and fill it half full of water. Allow this spotless cup to reach room temperature.
  3. Tell the egg what you want it to do. Grab the egg and communicate with it by telling it what you want it to do. Some examples include cleansing yourself of negative energy or removing any curses and bad luck.
  4. Roll the egg all over your body. Roll the egg over your entire body, including your arms, from head to toe. The egg doesn’t necessarily have to physically touch your body, but it can if you want it to. As you do this, imagine that the egg is absorbing all of the negative energy.
  5. Crack the egg into the room temperature water. Allow it to sit for five to ten minutes after breaking it into the glass.
  6. Interpret the results. The meaning of the egg in the water glass could vary depending on how it appears.

You must begin again with a brand-new egg if the one you are using cracks while you are doing it.

How to Read An Egg Cleans

The recommended waiting period is 5 to 10 minutes, during which the egg is supposed to settle into the glass of water. To read the results, you should stare directly through the glass.

Do not attempt to view it from above and below. If you do, you might be able to reabsorb the harmful energy that was contained in the egg.

The egg cleanse reading is based off of three factors:

  • the yolk’s form.
  • the egg whites’ shape.
  • the water’s color.

Egg Cleanse Meanings

Depending on the combination of all three factors from the egg cleanse reading, it could mean very different things.

  • You notice blood or the water smells bad. The presence of evil is indicated by this. You might have been the victim of magic by someone. It might also imply that you’re suffering from a condition that you’re not aware of.
  • Water with tiny blood stains. This is a sign of bad karma and could be the result of powerful witchcraft.
  • Cloudy water. a sign that the soul or energy has left.
  • Egg yolk has shape of a face. Your adversary is either a male or a female depending on how round or slender their face appears.
  • If the yolk looks like an eye. This means there is an evil eye.
  • Cobwebs in the egg whites. A jealous person wants you to fail. It might also mean that you’re caught up in a difficult circumstance.
  • Small bubbles in the water. This is an indication that the guardian spirits absorbed the harmful energy.
  • Clear water without abnormal shapes, scents, and blood. This means that nothing strange is taking place in your immediate environment. You are safe.
  • Needles or spikes. There might be people in your vicinity who have ulterior motives. They’re typically classified as energy vampires because they suck away your positive energy.

The egg should be discarded or flushed down the toilet once you are finished reading it. The egg contains bad energy and should not be eaten.

Egg Cleanse

How Can An Egg Cleanse (La Limpia Con Huevo) Remove Evil Eye (Mal De Ojo)?

Tales of someone receiving the “evil eye” (mal de ojo) are common in Latinx culture. The so-called mythology is widespread, whether you overheard that chismosa tía talking about how an envious coworker sent her the evil eye or how your tío’s family thought he received the evil eye and his life went horribly wrong. Every story has some sort of proof that the person who underwent an egg limpia ended up breaking curses and reversing jealousy. Egg cleanses are an incredibly effective method of removing the evil eye. Just enquire among your neighbors.

The egg is thought to be a capsule that scavenges unfavorable energy from the body and aura. For this reason, while carrying out the ritual, the egg is worked over various areas of illness on the body. When performing the limpia, you should set the intention that you want the huevo (egg) to tell you if any mal de ojo has been sent your way. You might be told to perform a second egg cleanse or to add more ritual work to remove the evil eye in order to support the process of releasing it, depending on how the results were interpreted.

How Does An Egg Cleanse (La Limpia Con Huevo) Rid Negative Energy?

The vessel is an egg. Use the egg as a prop for divination. The egg will energetically absorb all of the undesirable energy and show whether it was successful or not. Trust and know that the egg is like a vacuum, sucking up any low vibrational energies from you and transmuting them for you.

Cultural associations with protective qualities also exist for eggshells, also known as cascarilla. In general, eggs are thought of as tools for warding off negative energy.

How Can You Perform An Egg Cleanse (La Limpia Con Huevo) for Yourself to Read Your Aura?

Egg cleanses are a very reliable method for reading your own aura. If you are just feeling “off” or know someone has been hating on you, time to bust out an egg limpieza.

The effects of the ritual itself are what make it cool. By using your spiritual abilities, you, a seer, psychic, or curanderx can learn more from the egg results. If your intuition or faith in your psychic abilities aren’t quite there yet, you can still understand the very basic meanings of the results of an egg cleanse so that you can assess its effectiveness. After ruling out any medical conditions, of course, this will reveal a lot about what you might be experiencing physically and energetically. Learn what your limpia con huevo is trying to tell you through the yolk by reading on for result basics 101.

Does Egg Cleansing Actually Work?

Do you think this shamanic ritual has any chance of succeeding? Can a raw egg really dispel negative energy and determine whether you’ve been cursed? Because the yolk of the egg is all-seeing, can you really tell if you have enemies?

That an uncooked egg can accomplish all of this is something we find a little difficult to believe. The egg need not even come into contact with your body to complete the ritual. If you really believe this, you can basically egg cleanse yourself at the grocery store by grabbing a pack of eggs and waving it all over yourself.

In fact, by returning this egg pack, which is filled with all of your negative energy, to the shelf, you could prove to be history’s greatest villain. In this manner, an unwitting person will purchase the egg and absorb all of your negative energy. Congratulations—you just cursed someone.

What to Do With the Egg After You Finish

After reading your results, it’s time to properly discard them. You should never dispose of the egg components in your trash can, and this is very important. Use your kitchen sink or toilet to dispose of the water and egg components. Finally, I urge you not to drink from the same cup again. Now that you have this, use it only for readings that involve an egg cleanse. Avoid allowing anyone, including yourself, to drink from it. Then you’re ready to go! May you have wise manifestation.

Alternative But More Practical Egg Cleansing

Surprisingly, Asian culture has a somewhat similar tradition whereby an egg is used to heal the body. The difference is that a boiled egg is used. In essence, this long-standing family tradition is performed whenever someone sustains an injury like a bruise or a fall. They would take the hard-boiled egg and apply it liberally to the wound. The cooked egg is supposed to help the bruises heal more quickly.


So there you have it, if you believe in it, an egg cleanse may be able to purge your body of bad and impure energy. In that case, you can still use an alternative method of egg cleansing, such as boiling the egg and applying it to bruises to hasten their healing. Actually, science backs up the boiled egg detox! It could be useful the next time you get a wisdom tooth extraction.

Lavin Qian

Lavin Qian