How to Take Gym Selfies: Best 5 Tips

How to Take Gym Selfies: Best 5 Tips

You probably feel extremely proud of yourself if you’ve been working hard to get in great shape. You might want to take a selfie frequently while exercising but are unsure of the ideal moment. There are many things to think about, such as whether the best time to take a selfie is before or after you work up a sweat.

Because so many things could go wrong, taking a selfie with a mirror mounted on your gym wall can be challenging. You must first check to see if you are photobombing your own selfies. Even if you decide to take the photo after a vigorous sweat session, you’ll still want to make sure you look your best.

You can use this post as a guide to taking selfies at the gym. I’ll demonstrate some techniques for taking attractive gym selfies in this article.

How to Take Gym Selfies?

External Conditions

Focus on Lighting

Light is the single most crucial component of any photograph, whether it be a professional or a selfie. Light is the key component of photography, and without enough of it, you won’t be able to take a picture. Make sure you are well-lit while avoiding harsh lighting for a successful gym selfie.

The best light is natural light. Observe how the light streaming in makes you glow as you stand with the gym behind you and the window in front of you. You want the proper lighting, but you also want to prevent shadows. It doesn’t look good when the squat rack’s shadow crosses your face!

Try standing with the main light source to your side if you want to draw attention to your figure. To get the ideal angle, you might need to attempt a few poses. Your body will be better defined by the shadows cast by the sidelight hitting you. Another excellent way to display shape and tone in a photo is to convert it to black and white.

How to Take Gym Selfies: Best 5 Tips

Choose the Right Filter

Want to really display the chisel of your six-pack? Well, thank goodness filters exist. They’ll aid in highlighting your body’s best qualities. Some gyms have strange color schemes that make them unattractive places to take selfies. Black and white filters can completely fix that issue, and they’ll add more of a dramatic effect. Try to stay away from the B/W filters on Instagram and use B1 and B5 on VSCO Cam. As for Instagram, the Hudson filter is great if you want to soften anything, and Ludwig gives the illusion that you were out in the sun. Just remember to use reasonable amounts of filters.

Pick the Right Background

Take a quick look at the background of your photo before you press the button. You don’t want a guy deadlifting a PB behind your yoga pose to ruin your perfect selfie. And if you’re taking a mirror selfie in the locker room, make sure your mate isn’t half-naked in the background!

Before taking a selfie, keep in mind that some nearby individuals may be uncomfortable with the idea and may prefer to remain in the foreground. Additionally, it’s a good idea to quickly scan the area for stray towels, water bottles, or cleaning supplies that might ruin the mood of your picture.

The only thing left to do is find the ideal filter and post your gym selfie to social media!

Confirm the Direction of the Photo

Here is some advice from professionals if you’re unsure whether to take a vertical or horizontal picture. Because the viewer’s eyes are immediately drawn to the areas you want to highlight in a horizontal photo, your lat and pec muscles will be more prominent. Because they elongate the body, vertical photos are preferable if you want to take a picture of your entire body.

How to Take Gym Selfies: Best 5 Tips

Intrinsic Conditions

Confidence is the Most Important

Do you ever feel a little self-conscious when you’re about to take a selfie of yourself flexing and you’re looking in the mirror? Look at other people’s gym selfies; they’re all striking the same pose, but they all look confident. Simply concentrate on taking the best possible picture and ignore everything else. Take note of your surroundings, though. Avoid taking a selfie in the locker room because the last thing you want is a man wearing nothing but a towel in the background. Remind yourself that no one is looking down on you and that the guy next to you is probably just worried about how big his biceps look in the picture. A little self-assurance goes a long way and will show in your selfie. Having said that, avoid appearing arrogant; there is a big difference.

Display Your Best Body Part

There isn’t a single “best” pose that suits everyone. You want to find the perfect angle that highlights your strong points.

Standing facing the camera head-on makes your body look wider, try angling your body slightly away from it. A slight angle, especially when lit from the side, will help emphasize your physique.

To make your arms appear slimmer and to give your figure some shape, try holding them just slightly away from your body. Avoid shooting from below as it is never ever a flattering angle. It increases weight and produces double chins where none previously existed. Find a surface that is at eye level to rest your phone on if you’re using the self-timer trick.

I suggest taking some time to experiment with different poses & expressions in front of the mirror.

Just Be Happy

Have fun with it; there’s no need to take your selfie too seriously, regardless of how it turns out. When you’re straining too hard to achieve the ideal angle, other lifters can tell. A gym selfie should highlight your accomplishments and serve as motivation for others.

Recommended Photo Size for Gym Selfies

Make your selfie look as natural as you can while having fun, particularly if you want to positively influence your friends and followers. These are ideal for gyms and dancing studios and come in five practical sizes:

  • 36″ X 60″
  • 36″ X 72″
  • 48″ X 60″
  • 48″ X 72″
  • 48″ X 84″


Want to get the ideal gym selfie? You’ll benefit if you heed the above advice. Take as many selfies as you want, but most importantly, have fun!


Are Gym Selfies Acceptable?

If you’re spending more time taking selfies than working out, you’re doing it wrong! A selfie should be a post-workout activity; NEVER take them while you’re training. No one in the background — Have you ever seen your face in those moments when you’re pushing hard and giving your workout 110%?

What is the Best Angle to Take Gym Selfies?

To capture the most flattering selfie (and your post-workout glow in all its glory), hold your phone slightly above your face, with the bottom of your phone at eye level. Instead of looking directly into the camera, keep your chin down and turn your head just a little to one side. Then smile big!