How To Talk To Short Boys With Simple Steps

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The phrase “How To Talk To Short People” refers to a brief comic that outlines the appropriate way to address short people. It developed into a template that can be used to communicate inappropriately with short people.


On March 23rd, 2014, Tumblr [1] user the-grin-reaper posted the comic of “talking with people who are short.” In the comic, a person seen leaning over to talk to a short person is marked “Leave” (shown below). Over 234,700 notes were sent to the post in less than six years.


The picture is posted online again that year and is altered to create new pictures. Kuroko no Basket characters were depicted in a Chibi style in a Rebloggy post from June 2014, which was a variation on the meme.

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The comic was altered to make fun of short people after being shared online for a while. On December 21st, 2016, a variation of the comic in which what is considered “proper” is reversed appeared on, a website in Russia

The image wouldn’t develop into a usable form until June 2017. The reversal was posted to /r/funny on June 13. On the 24th, a variation was posted to 9GAG[5], where it amassed over 5,900 points (seen below, left). In this variation, the taller person is choking the shorter person. The most well-liked exploitable, which netted over 20,000 points (and is displayed below, right), was one of many that were posted to me_irl in the days that followed.

How This Comic Spread All Over The Internet

This post was shared numerous times online in 2014, and numerous people created their own variations of it. There were changes in the character of Kuroko’s In June 2014, Rebloggy created the Chibi version of No Basket Character.

This comic began to be adapted as a joke for short people after becoming popular online for a while.

The variation of this comic expressed as ” Proper” is inversely shown on on December 21, 2016, a Russian website.

The picture has a propensity to go viral and grew continuously and astonishingly until June 2017. On June 13th, the inverse variation was published on /r/funny. Once more on the 24th, a variation was uploaded to 9GAG in which taller people were choking shorter people. The score exceeded 5,900.

4. how to talk to short boys2

How Not To Treat Short Boys

  • Do not sneer at their height. because it’s acceptable to be short in stature.
  • Wait until he starts this topic before bringing up the disparities in height.
  • Avoid acting in stereotypical ways; instead, encourage people to be happy and confident in who they are.
  • Having him around won’t make you uncomfortable.
  • You are incorrect if you believe that dating a short guy is uncool. You’ll be inspired to be a kind and receptive person by dating a short guy.

How To Treat Short Boys

  • Never disregard a man’s feelings. Don’t make fun of it.
  • Be joyful when you see your photos of him. Don’t be conscious.
  • Tell him about four emotions. What are your thoughts on him?
  • While spending time with him, be assured.
  • Keep your heels low-cut.

What Are Short Guys Good For

  • Guys with shorter statures are less likely to develop cancer.
  • For every 4-inch increase in height in men, the likelihood of developing cancer of any kind rises by 11%.
  • Corresponding to the scientist’s study at the University of Stockholm has checked the data also.
  • The 5.5 million people who receive assistance from us were examined by scientists, who discovered a link between height and posture cancer.

How To Deal With Height Difference

Decide not to let other people’s comments about your height bring you down. That is, you shouldn’t feel the need to hide your height when you’re trying to meet guys or when you’re going out with a shorter guy. Don’t try to slouch or hunch over because that will only make you seem like you’re ashamed of it; most people find confidence to be sexy. Instead, maintain a straight posture, smile broadly, and look people in the eyes.

The decision to slightly even out your heights once you start dating someone is entirely up to you, of course.

If you don’t want to draw attention to your difference in height, avoid wearing heels and opt instead for flats. Your feet might not hurt as bad as well, which is a bonus![8] Try a shorter pair of heels rather than the 4- to 5-inch variety if you want to wear heels.

Practice “the lean.” Leaning slightly to the side and sticking out a hip can help you balance out your height differences, especially if you’re wearing heels. Of course you need someone to depend on, like your boyfriend. You shouldn’t slouch, please. To be more on par with your boyfriend in height, you simply want to appear casual.

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