How to Tell If Your Husband Thinks You’re Fat: 7 Signs Will Tell You

How to Tell If Your Husband Thinks You're Fat: 7 Signs Will Tell You

Has your spouse ever criticized your weight? Find a way to discuss what he said with him in a calm and patient way rather than reacting angrily. You should evaluate whether you feel safe and respected in the relationship if he continues to be rude, defensive, or controlling. You are the one who decides your own worth. Your body is under your sole control. Find the assistance you require to ensure that you are comfortable with who you are.

7 Signs Tell Your Boyfriend Thinks You’re Fat


“If a rose had any other name, it would still smell as sweet, so what’s in a name?”

I’m going to have to call your bluff on this one, Juliet, I’m sorry. If Romeo gave your left and right butt cheeks the nicknames ricotta and cottage cheese, respectively, I find it hard to believe that you would still be as unflinching about names.

He Starts Using Your Fat Wrinkles

Maybe one time he’ll try and stick his penis in one of them à la Girls Alternatively, he might try to use one of them to swipe his Metro card in the hopes that you will tell him how much money is still on it (Season 2, Episode 7).

He Buys You Lunch

See how nice it feels when he arrives bearing a salad for you and a scrumptious-looking lasagna Bolognese for himself, eh?

Pointing to Old Pictures of You

If he’s constantly pointing out old photos of you and talking about how great you looked in them (same thinking as above)

You’re His Favorite Partner for Case Competitions and Beer Mug Races

A red siren should be sounding in your head right now. It certainly doesn’t help that sometimes after a win, dizzy with triumph, he’ll slap you really hard on the ass with an encouraging, “Way to go, tank!”

How to Tell If Your Husband Thinks You're Fat: 7 Signs Will Tell You

His Taste in Music Changes

He used to sing James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James” to help you fall asleep at night. Now he faintly hums Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls.”

He Sits on You

When you’re cramming into one of his friend’s cars, he goes, “We’ll double up back here, so don’t worry about us!” and goes straight for your lap.

Why Does Your Husband Comment About Your Weight?

Here are some explanations for your husband’s constant nagging about your weight loss.

He is Worried About Your Health

Obesity or being overweight is expensive. A husband who loves you wouldn’t want to see that happen because it could cost you your health and even your life. If your husband wants you to lose weight, he likely notices some health issues that are beginning to affect you but has chosen to ignore them. Your shortness of breath, labored breathing, unusual sweating, joint pain, lack of energy, bowel issues, etc. might have caught his attention. If your husband complains about your weight, he is worried that it is affecting your ability to go about your daily activities.

His past Experience.

If your husband calls you fat, it’s because your weight makes him think of a traumatic event from the past that he is trying to forget, and he doesn’t want you to go through what he has. At some point in his life, he might have experienced bullying because of his weight, or he might have lost a loved one as a result of obesity. He is apprehensive about seeing you endure what he has.

You’ve Become Too Insecure.

If your husband calls you fat and tells you to lose weight, he has probably noticed how your weight affects your self-confidence. He probably finds you too insecure now, and it bothers him. When you notice a slim, curvy woman in the room, he is sick of you staring into his eyes. Another possibility is that he is sick of telling you that he is committed to and faithful to you. Your husband wants you to lose weight because he wants you to feel and look beautiful.

Steps: How to React If Your Husband Calls You Fat

If you’re looking for advice on how to handle the situation where your husband constantly criticizes your weight, you should first think about all the reasons why he may do so before attempting to ignore them. You’ll be able to view his criticism of your weight more objectively once you realize how being fat can affect your husband and family. There is more to your weight than just you.

We recognize that the way your husband refers to your weight may be offensive to you. He might or might not be trying to hurt you. When your husband says you’re fat, and you don’t like it, here are some things you can do:

Responding Without Anger

Your self-esteem may have been impacted by your husband’s comment, attitude, and behavior, and you are itching to spit back painful details about his shortcomings. We strongly advise against doing this. When he makes a remark about your weight, your husband might not mean any harm to you. Trading insults with him will ruin your marriage and make you feel even worse than you already do, or maybe he did.

Trust Yourself

Never forget that only you can decide how valuable you are. Only you have control over your sense of worth and self-esteem. While you might look to your husband for approval, keep in mind that only you have the power to alter how you feel about yourself. Don’t rely solely on your husband to determine how you feel about yourself or how you look, even though hearing your husband give you encouraging words can help you feel more confident. Develop your sense of worth and self-esteem. Consider saying these words of self-affirmation: “My self-worth is not determined by the number on the scale,” or “I’m more than just how I look.”

How to Tell If Your Husband Thinks You're Fat: 7 Signs Will Tell You

Try to Understand Him

The last thing on your mind when your husband calls you fat is “why did my husband say I’m fat?”‘ You might even feel the urge to criticize your husband for his faults. Sadly, if you only consider how you feel when your husband calls you fat, you miss the opportunity to fully comprehend his point. We’ve outlined nine explanations for your husband’s remarks about your weight. Your chances of making an informed decision about what to do increase as you pay closer attention to the message.

Ask for Support

When it comes to your weight problems, a husband who cares about you is ready to assist. They are as invested in your happiness as you are in theirs. If you choose to lose weight, it is a good idea to include him in your diet plan. Don’t let the media coddle you into accepting an unhealthy lifestyle; there is nothing cute about being overweight. It will strengthen your relationship and show off new sides of each of you to work as a team with your husband. Be concerned if your husband doesn’t offer you any sort of support.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, it’s simple to feel offended by remarks about our weight while we ignore or refuse to accept the reality of our flaws. Fewer women find social media to be helpful in this regard. Obesity is so glorified that many women choose to “sober up” rather than put in the effort necessary to exercise.

It’s wrong that fat people frequently experience shame. This level of cruelty shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone. Though not all remarks about our weight are meant to make us feel guilty. It’s likely out of concern for you that your husband is telling you that your weight is a problem. We must set aside our emotions if we hope to make a genuine change in both our marriage and ourselves.