Just So-So Shoes Review: Is It Worth Buy

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Just So-So shoes have transformed the fashion industry since their release. One of the world’s top shoe brands, according to the company. You can wear the company’s shoes for any situation. The shoes stand out more due to their extreme lightness and excellent breathability. These attributes provide a stylish appearance while allowing your feet to stay dry and cool.

Children, men, and women can all find the best shoes at Just So So. The brand prides itself in delivering an “every day, anywhere kind of sneaker” collection for people. The brand’s sneakers have the advantage of being suitable for all seasons, which is a good thing. In this article we’ll go through the features of Just So-So Shoes, the customers’ reviews to see is it worth to buy.

How Much Are Just So-So Shoes?

This brand offers traditional shoe styles at reasonable prices. Just So-So shoes start at just $49 for a pair.

What Kind of Shoes Will You Find on Just So-So?

You can find a variety of fun sneakers that look fantastic at Just So-So Shoes. You can find footwear that encourages you to be who you are. Furthermore, the company sells footwear for people from various backgrounds.

The company is currently producing its third generation of well-liked shoes. Running shoes were created by Oscar Pistorius. The Blade Runner running shoes have altered the fashion industry. Even though Just So-So wasn’t the first company to make this style of footwear, they did so with reasonably priced models.

Features Just So So Shoes Cloud Shoes

In light of this, it is unquestionably a design success when something that was released a number of years ago is still being sold on a global scale under various brand names.

Modern technology is used to create the Just So-So men’s running shoes, which are perfect for athletes looking for comfortable footwear.

Any occasion is a good match for these Just So-So fashion shoes. Your foot can always stay cool and dry thanks to their exceptional breathability and light weight.

Your feet are probably free to breathe when walking or running thanks to the knit upper material.

Each step is padded by its extreme softness and protection.

The Just So-So sole’s rubber material is extremely durable, extending the time that shoes can be worn.

The sneakers’ ultra-flexible blade soles enable them to bend powerfully while engaging in sports.

Your feet can breathe freely while walking or running thanks to the knit upper material.

Your every step is cushioned by its softness and high level of protection.

Ideal for traveling, jogging, training, yoga, physical exercise, and other light sports.

After walking through the day’s work in these Just So-So shoes, you can keep your sneakers cozy and dry. The best sensation is right now.

Key Features Just So So Shoes

  • The upper is made as breathable and light as possible to keep your foot dry and comfortable for the duration of the day.
  • Modern hollow technology was used to create the sole, which provides smooth support and ideal shock absorption for athletic activities.
  • Wonderful rubber sole
  • Unique design option to pair with any occasion

Popular Trending Shoes and Colors?

just so so

When you visit the website, you will find a catalog chock full of sneakers. However, based on user preference, some shoes have ranked higher than others. Women’s Lightweight Casual Walking Athletic Shoes Breathable Mesh Work Slip-on Sneakers have so far been the users’ top pick. The sneaker comes in a variety of colors, but many users continue to favor red.

Also tempting is the Men’s Athletic Walking Blade Running Tennis shoe. This shoe is available in black, displays a slick, sophisticated design, and improves your athletic performance. The Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes are an additional premium shoe you should take into account. You can use this style of lightweight tennis sports shoe for jogging and at the gym. The shoes can also be worn as sock-style running sneakers.

JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes

JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes are the ideal footwear to wear when you want to stand out from the crowd.

They have a distinctive-looking sole that draws a lot of attention and are bright black in color.

Your feet shouldn’t be slowed down or made uncomfortable by heat thanks to the mesh uppers.

The interior padding then provides you and your feet with a tolerable level of comfort. These JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes allow you to focus on what you’re doing.

No matter what type of surface you’re running on, the lines in the sole should help channel the water away from where you’re going to step, giving you stable footing.

When you outpace your opponent, these light-weight sneakers shouldn’t add weight or slow you down.

just so so

Fashion Knitted Mesh Upper

Since the JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes are a high-end option, comfort is always increased by additional features.

The JSLEAP Men’s Running line-up now features an upper made of fashionable knit mesh.

Before that, support was provided by a TPU beak and conventional EVA material. The sneakers are made lighter by having a knitted mesh upper.

The next iteration of this EVA material is knitted mesh upper, which is even lighter.

It is designed to be cushioned but very responsive, strong, and light, providing the qualities that the majority of runners look for in a sneaker.

It is not cushioned; trust to be told is necessary. Extremely well-cushioned, in fact.

According to Just So-So, it is lighter and more cushioned than its rivals. For those long miles, there are the JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes.


The toe box is generous, and the fit feels very secure in the midfoot.

The JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes should fit perfectly if you prefer more room in the toe box and have a slightly wider foot.

The stretchy upper provides a smooth and comfortable fit by stretching where it is needed.

You’ll be glad to know that Just So-So sells wide versions of this model for those who frequently need wide sneakers.

The tongue is semi-gusseted and secured in place by straps on both sides with respect to the language. I purchased size 10, which is what I usually wear.

It could have a long hair. My foot did not slip, but I did measure the space between my toes and the front of the sneakers, and it was plenty.

My left foot has a little extra room. I could easily size down by a half size if I wanted a tighter fit.


I know I’d wear those sneakers on a long run without giving my legs or feet much thought because I know they wouldn’t be all that sleepy.

This is typically my recovery sneaker after a long walk in a different sneak, especially if I have covered a lot of trail miles.

With the JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes, I could either forgo the walk or simply jog.

The toe box is generous, and the fit has a good sense of security in the midfoot.

The just-so shoes should fit you exceptionally if you don’t mind having a little extra room in the toe box and your foot runs a little wide.

Stretchy in the upper portion, it offers a comfortable and seamless fit by extending where needed. The fact that Just So-So offers this model in broad forms will please people who typically need a wide tennis shoe.

The tongue is semi-gusseted and connected to the two dialects in order to maintain its position. In terms of estimation, I usually wear size 10, which I obtained.

Despite my foot not slipping out of the shoes, I notice that there is plenty of room between the toes and the front of the shoes. It could have a long hair. I feel I could go down a half size with no problems because there is a little extra room for my left side foot. If I wanted an even tighter fit, though.

If I had to sum up the decent but unremarkable shoes in one word, I’d choose agreeable. Knowing that my legs and feet wouldn’t be overly worn out, I had put on the shoe a long time ago without thinking about how it would make me feel.

This is usually my recovery shoe after a long walk in a different shoe, especially if I’ve covered a lot of trail miles.

I wouldn’t have gone for the run without this model. I no longer had an excuse for skipping a run because I could avoid the walk or simply go for a run in the just-okay shoes.


The sneaker vanishes and is smooth and plush, allowing you to run without giving it any thought.

You don’t feel as though it will slow you down because it feels light.

When you put in the effort, the shoe’s responsiveness will allow you to quicken your pace. Because you wouldn’t feel the impact on the soles of your feet or on your legs, it wouldn’t feel swift.

I advise wearing it if you want to jog or run outside while listening to music or a podcast and not thinking about anything else.

Strong and Sturdy Knit

Comparable running shoes with a knitted mesh upper feel and look different from the JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes.

It gives off a genuinely safe and enclosed feeling.

As I already mentioned, the JSLEAP Men’s Running Shoes have a knitted mesh upper that closely wraps the foot, with a little extra stretch in the forefoot to allow for toe splay.

All of our testers reported no issues with bunching, sliding, or blistering, despite the tongue’s slightly minimal padding and the fact that the sides of the tongue are completely connected to one another with smooth material.

A stable ride for a neutral sneaker is provided by the thick knit mesh and additional support provided by the external heel counter.

It runs a little toasty, and that’s the only downside I can think of.

What We Like

  • Knitted mesh upper provides a plush, but very stable ride for the long run
  • Relatively lightweight for the amount of protection as compared to other max-cushioned sneakers
  • The attractive honeycomb design keeps your feet balanced, shock absorption, and maximize
  • The sole of the sneakers is made of advanced Hollow Carved Technology, offering stable support and optimal shock absorption
  • Responsive and somewhat firm cushioning, combined with a unique shape, allows for a fast run
  • Ultra-soft and breathable, make your feet dry and cool while running

What We Don’t Like

  • The knitted mesh might be too firm for runners looking for soft, smooth cushioning.
  • To accommodate a wide forefoot, the toe must stretch out, which may take days or weeks.

Lightweight Fashion Cushion Sneakers Review

Given that they are a classic design produced using contemporary technology, it is simple to understand why these shoes are so well-liked.

The shoes are breathable to keep your feet cool while you exercise, and the cushioned sole is made for maximum comfort and support.

The sneakers are ideal for daily wear or working out thanks to their lightweight design, which allows you to move freely without feeling restricted.

Because of their straightforward design, you can pair them with any outfit, and they’ll quickly become your new go-to footwear.

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All in all, if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that won’t break the bank, I’d suggest these.

Both the design and the functionality are excellent.

The fact that they don’t come in half sizes or widths is the only thing preventing someone from buying them.

Sports Fashion Blade Just So So Shoes:

Because of this, it is an actual success of the plan when something introduced in the past and now sold globally under various brand names.

My current Just So-So fashion sneakers are made with best-in-class innovation and would be perfect for a competitor looking to buy a casual shoe.

This athletic walking blade plan is easy to slip and is designed in the Just So-So fashion, making it perfect for any occasion. It is extremely defensive and soft about padding each progression. Lightweight and incredibly breathable, they allow your foot to stay dry and cool. When you walk or run, your feet are likely to inhale because of the weave of the upper material.

The sole of the Just So-So cloud running shoes is made of an outrageously durable elastic material that extends the wearable season of the shoes. Tennis shoes can twist with ease while engaging in sports thanks to the flexible edge soles’ extreme adaptability.

It is possible for your feet to breathe when you walk or run thanks to the weave upper material. It is delicate and incredibly defensive to pad your feet all day.

You can keep the boots comfortable and dry after a stroll during that period of work with these Just So-So shoes. The ideal inclination is this one. Perfect for leisurely walking, traveling, running, preparing, yoga, actual exercise, other light games, midsole, etc.

Design Concept:

Shoes lined up. The Just So So athletic walking pair of sneakers are an exceptional choice, so they generally have extra highlights to upgrade solace. It was known how to wear these shoes because of the knitted lattice design of the upper.

Prior to that, a TPU nose was used for support along with standard EVA material. The shoes’ weaved network upper makes them lighter.

This EVA material’s next cycle, the weaved network upper, is significantly lighter. It offers the qualities that the majority of sprinters look for in a shoe: it is padded yet incredibly responsive, difficult, and light.

It is not padded, so trust what is being said. Amazing padding is present. The women’s footwear line from So-So Keep promises to be lighter and more padded than its rivals. Long miles are made for the just-okay shoes.

Stable Support Knit:

Shoes look and feel different from the typical sewed upper cross-section adaptation.

As I had previously observed, just so-so shoes have an upper with a weaved network that tightly encircles the foot, with a little more stretch in the forefoot for the toe spread. It creates a feeling of protection and security.

Additionally, it is remembered that the tongue has a minor impact on cushioning. None of our analysts identified a packing, sliding, or grating issue because the sides are made of smooth material.

The thick sewn cross-section lends a steady ride for a nonpartisan shoe, with additional assistance from an external heel counter. It runs somewhat warm, which is the main drawback I can see.

Customer Reviews

The Trustpilot and Amazon comment ratings are, however, very poor. Customers gripe about the company’s HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. The majority of customers gave the shoes five stars because they were Great Value and Comfortable to Wear.

How Do You Determine the Right Size for Your Preferred Just So-so Shoes?

You can choose the best fit for its shoes using the guidelines the brand has provided. To determine the proper size for your preferred shoes, follow these steps. First, prepare a piece of paper, a pen, or a pencil. Next, keep your heels against the wall while standing straight up. As you stand there, make sure your weight is evenly distributed between both feet.

Have someone else draw a line at the end of your toe, then measure the distance from the line to the wall. To the size you measured after that, you must add three to five millimeters. You must include this toe space and leave room for your feet to breathe. When you have your measurement, proceed to the official brand website to compare it with the size chart. After comparing, the website will show your shoe size. When you’ve finished, you can place your order.

Where to Buy

To avoid scams, it is imperative to purchase these shoes from reputable merchant websites. Amazon or the official brand website both sell Just So-So shoes. Keep in mind that shopping on the official website will earn you discounts and other benefits. Additionally, if you need clarification, you can always get in touch with customer service. Due to logistical issues, ordering these shoes may result in shipping delays. Because of this, you must check with customer service before placing your order.


One of the best and most stylish shoe brands is called Just So-So. These shoes are appropriate for a variety of settings and climates. The reasonable price of Just So-So shoes is a plus. These shoes’ svelte looks are yours for as little as $49.99. To purchase these shoes, go to the brand’s website or turn to reliable online stores like Amazon. If you have any questions, always contact customer service for clarification.

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